Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The End of Roe V. Wade and the Empire



Tom Kirton said...

It's now time for the pro-lifers to extend their concern for life between conception to birth to the rest of life. The Vatican's Congregation for Life urges that the movement now focus on advocacy against guns and the death penalty among other great moral issues.

That should be a decent challenge for the Pro Lifers to show that their agenda extends longer than just nine momths.

Anonymous said...

Blah-blah-blah....Save your "Seamless garment" crapola to someone who cares.
The abortion issue has no comparison to these other issues and you know it.
If you don't know it, you should.

TK said...

"The abortion issue has no comparison to these other issues and you know it." Like enabling a gun culture that gives Americans the Constitutional right to shoot their children.
Get a grip old chap and read a bit of sound Catholic moral theology.

Tuey said...

How's come my grandfathers had an easier time buying a gun in high school than I can as a physician and there were no mass shootings until the 70s?


Anonymous said...

Time to moderate the comments again.

Mike Hunt said...

Don't moderate the comments. We need to see how stupid the critics of EF are.