Saturday, June 25, 2022

Teams Are Organizing to Protect Catholic Churches and Traditionalist Parishes in Orange County

Edit: they’re terrified.



Anonymous said...

This is the only way to be rid of them. We are waiting. And we’ll leave the light on.

Tom said...

I think this is an agent provocateur. Pro-lifers had 50yrs to get organised and failed.

Tancred said...

It's justifiable to defnd churches from antifa and outraged wahmen in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

C.S.A. Flag is a Christian symbol representing St.Andrew. It is a very offensive and communist idea to burn and/or encourage the complete banning of it from public civic and academic bldgs.

Ex-gay dude said...

That's actually the Confederate Battle flag as seen one the roof of the General Lee prior to the PC remake.

Anonymous said...

Good for them and thank you for your bravery.
Keen eye, men.

Anonymous said...

Vatican II and Novus Ordo Catholics just can't understand why the "Democracy" and Constitutions need to be abolished. As long as their a right to freedom of expression and press, and assembly for evil or false ideas, there is an implied right to overturn good laws and policies. Depose the Constitution, Declare a Catholic State, jail and/or send to psychiatric hospitals activist enemies of the Church. Sins against Life start in one's hearts and mind, and start to manifest when you allow discussion of the illicit subject.

Gladstone said...

I think this is an agent provocateur.

You are exactly right, Tom. I was there. I saw these thugs. At least half a dozen. This is the Charlottesville script written for Catholicism.

We didn't need them there, they were totally out of place. 3 or 4 of them were big enough to look like they could have really given us all we could handle. We saw the socmed post 10 minutes or so before Mass and within 5 minutes, a over a dozen men of the parish were staked out around the interior of the Church, as ready as we could make ourselves. The men of SJB in Costa Mesa should be extremely proud of themselves. Parish professional security team also a huge bonus.

Anyway, Tom is right. The way this scam works is just as we see it. An operative of some sort, embedded in in the OC trad community posts a vid with the Confederate Battle Flag prominently displayed. This could very well be a dog-whistle or red meat for the communist scum online to start screaming: "white nationalist! Nazi!"

Step 2: agents provocateur show up at the parish dressed like they were ready for the mosh pit.

Step 3 (anticipated): bring in the pro-abort, communist attack squad (with cameras at the ready)

Step 4: agents provocateur savagely beat some 80lb commie into the tile floor in a gross and intentional display of excessive force, all on camera.

Step 5. Communists release video on socmed platform, and with a little Jewish social media magic, the narrative becomes "Trad Catholics are violent neo nazis."

Step 6. Anti-Church Bishop Elmer Fudd, -a.k.a. Kevin "I-was-seen-at-the-gay-orgy" Vann- holds press conference saying that these Neo Nazi trads won't have a Catholic parish to do their Nazi-ing in anymore, and throws them out of the Diocese.

It's a dialectical trap. These characters are not on our side. It is a setup. Public statements of clarification, criticizing and castigating this alleged protector would be a helpful counter measure.

Anonymous said...

It’s a dialectical trap if you play by their rules. The “Confederate Flag” was around long before Hitler was born.