Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pope of Dialectical Materialism Gives “Communion” to Pelosi


Photo from crappy neocon site with lots of ads. It’s still a good take!

Also here in October, 2021.



Trish said...

That's an old link from before Cordelione's warning

Anonymous said...

do you think she received because of the supreme court's Roe vs Wade decision? I was always amazed how casually catholic Nancy visited the pope in comparison to the formality of Trumps visit.

Mike Slater said...

What should be examined very seriously is how is it that Cordelione is still receiving Communion himself. Sal should read the Gospel where he might discover Jesus teaching that God is God and his is not and that the Kingdom of God is big enough for all.

Anonymous said...

I remember in school, the monks who were biggest exponents of seamless garment and standing legalization of abortion were the most prolific aberrosexual sex predators.