Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Franciscans Elect Aberrosexual Superior

 Edit: this flamer is clearly open to turning his Province into a gay bathhouse. His Province community knew about his disorder and chose to elect him anyway. Prepare for more closings of friaries in the future in the Saint Elizabeth Province.

The Synodal Way is merely a mechanism to build public consensus for a preordained agenda while identifying and marginalizing any opposition.  

Catholic Snooze Network can barely muster the slightest emotion about this, and probably endorses degeneracy. 

[Catholic Snooze] The 300-member Franciscan province of Saint Elisabeth in Germany has elected as its new superior Father Markus Fuhrmann, who a few weeks ago publicly came out as homosexual.

In an interview with MK-Online, the official news website of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Fuhrmann explained why he went public with his homosexuality.

“If I am gay myself, then I want to show that I can also be part of the Church in this ministry. That's important because it's not supposed to be like that in the Church. Unfortunately, there is too much institutional hypocrisy in our Church,” he said.

In addition, the new Franciscan superior said that he “personally supports the efforts of the Synodal Way, I am in favor of a critical rethinking of celibacy in the priestly way of life and I am in favor of women having access to ordained ministries.”



Bruceph said...

shoot to kill

Anonymous said...

So he's not Catholic. You cannot be a practicing homosexual and be a priest. "The Synodal Way", aka "engineered consensus" is a moth eaten communist strategy to advance communist agenda, used at school board meetings and college "groupwork", and is why the papacy is an absolute monarchy. So he is in schism, as are all who profess these beliefs.

J.V. said...

So, by his reasoning, if I wanted to "minister" to members of "Murder Incorporated" then I would have to become a murderer.
Got it. Why did I not see that?

Tancred said...

Nice Fedpost Brucie. Thanks!