Monday, May 2, 2022

Yes, we've all been noticing...

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Fr. VF said...

Not a single, solitary bishop has said a single solitary word about the excess deaths after the bio-weapon. Why? The answer is obvious: Every bishop knows that even noticing--let alone opposing--the mass murder would call down the wrath of "the Holy Father." What was Bishop Torres's main crime? Declining to coerce his priests to get the bio-weapon.

It's the same story with the one million (so far) Americans murdered in hospitals (including Catholic hospitals) in 2020-22. (Dr. Peter McCullough says that 95% of people who have died of "Covid" in hospitals were murdered by denial of early treatment, by administration of Remdesivir and other killing drugs, and by ventilators.)

I am old enough to remember when the great threat from the NO church was felt banners and crappy music. Little did any of us dream that the NO church would one day enthusiastically embrace its assigned rôle in the global project to slaughter billions of people. Or that 100% of American bishops would collaborate.