Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Cardinal Zen Arrested

Edit: I’d rather link to Washington Post than the Catholic Dredgister.

Will the lying, autocratic friend of the Communist Party in Rome condemn this act?

Update: The Catholic snooze service says the Vatican is “concerned”. Wow. What nancies. 

HONG KONG — The Hong Kong national security police arrested 90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen, the most outspoken senior Catholic cleric in Hong Kong and the city’s bishop emeritus, along with at least three others on Wednesday for their involvement in a humanitarian relief fund, according to lawyers involved in the case.

The arrests signal a new wave of detentions under the national security law since John Lee was elected as the new chief executive of Hong Kong. He has emphasized that maintaining stability and safeguarding national security would be one of his main goals once in office. Zen, along with renowned barrister Margaret Ng and academic Hui Po-keung, were arrested under the law for collusion with foreign forces by helping out as trustees for the now-disbanded 612 humanitarian relief fund, according to local media reports.



Rambeaux said...

Is there anything in the U.S. arsenal of Bio-weapons that can be hurled at this ridiculous country? They have been causing trouble for everyone for the last 75 years.
Time to get rid of them and start over on the vacant land.

Mike Slater said...

You mean Wyoming?

Phoenix Park said...

The way Francis has treated him is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some germ that will spare the cattle.
You should be safe.

Constantine said...

Although I sympathize with Cardinal Zen, but he was the one always making excuses for Pope Francis. Saying that it is because of his bad advise given him by those around him.