Sunday, April 24, 2022

Probably Another Muslim Attempts to Murder Priest and Nun in Nice

Edit: just in time for the French election. It seems that French knights fought hard to protect Europe from these animals. Once they were mostly in Algeria (and from North Africa in general), now they’re multiplying in French suburbs.

[RT] An assailant stabbed a priest and a nun inside the Saint-Pierre-d’Arene church in the southern French city of Nice on Sunday, Mayor Christian Estrosi said.

The suspect was quickly detained by police. Estrosi said the victims were being treated for their wounds.

The mayor added that the suspect was a French national born in Frejus, a town near Nice, who was suffering from a mental condition. The head of the Alpes-Maritimes Region, Bernard Gonzalez, said that the suspect had been repeatedly admitted to a hospital for psychiatric treatment in the past. He ruled out that the incident was a terrorist attack.

The attack took place on the day of the presidential election and a week after Catholics celebrated Easter.

France has seen an increase in stabbing attacks after an Islamic radical beheaded schoolteacher Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb in October 2020. This was followed a week later by an Islamic terrorist stabbing three people to death in a Catholic church in Nice.



Citizenfitz said...

The story avoids saying the attacker's name. That can be viewed as good evidence he's a muzzy or black.

It's the same with criminality in America. When the msm won't show a pic or say the perp's name you can bet a few $$$ they're a black or mexican.

Anonymous said...

It appears the "stabbings" are also often attempted beheadings, like the lady gardening in the UK whose cervical spine was severed in her "stabbing", as her attacker held her by her hair. "Stabbings" sounds less like migration cultural enrichment.