Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Jewish Educator Accuses People Opposed to Adults Grooming Children of Being Nazis

Edit: the Life News article fails to name him. 

[Life News]  A sex education advocate said parents opposed to the presence of “sex books” in their children’s schools are often part of “organized white supremacist groups” in a mid March webinar titled “The P Word: Porn Literacy and Sex Education.”

Self-described “sex educator” and author Cory Silverberg said parents who are responsible for “attacks on teachers and librarians” and advocacy for “book banning” are not “regular, everyday people” on the panel.

Silverberg also expressed doubt many opposed to “sex books” in school are, in fact, parents. “Actually, a lot of it is organized white supremacist groups,” Silverberg said.


David O'Neill said...

The man is a nutty (& dangerous) idiot

James said...

If the subject is degenerate sex you can be sure that a Tribal member is behind promoting it.

Gladstone said...

The Jew Cory Silverberg is in perfect conformity with Jewry in general.

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 54b condones the rape of a boy as long as he is less than 9 years old.

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ketuboth 11b condones the rape of a little girl, as long a she is under the age of 3 (at which age her hymen will grow back and cover up the crime).

BTW: the above doctrines apply to Jew molesting Jew. Molesting gentile children is automatically allowed because Jews consider goys as something lower than animals.

Jews will not stop until they are stopped.

Red Pill Pharmacy said...

As St. Paul said, the perfidious Jews are indeed a cursed people.

Constantine said...

He's not even one of those "jews". He's just a lost, sexually confused person.

Anonymous said...

"Porn literacy"??? Seriously?? I feel no need at all to be "porn literate", nor do I want my children to be "porn literate". I pray that they be completely porn ILLITERATE. Kids can't read, don't know history, but let's make sure they are communists completely "literate" in porn. Does this creepy groomer even hear himself?