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"My Body Belongs to Me" or "Your Body Belongs to Me" --- Superior of SSPX Unconvincing Opposition to Corona

Father Davide Pagliarani's warning about the Corona crisis, which is not convincing

 Thoughts by Giuseppe Nardi

(Menzingen) The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX), Fr. Davide Pagliarani, spontaneously commented on December 11 at a conference in the USA at the request of participants "also on the subject of Covid-19 and vaccination".  On January 18th, the Society of Saint Pius X published his free speech in a German translation.  Excerpts had already become known and sparked polemics.  Father Pagliarani takes a more detailed and differentiated position than most bishops do.  In the German-speaking area, there is governmental servitude in this regard.  The bishops' conferences and their presidents sound like government mouthpieces.  But P. Pagliarani's "admonition" also calls for a few comments.  So he says:

 "How long will the problem last?  Is this all complicated?  Yes!  Is this all a bit crazy?  Yes!  Is the stress that weighs on all of humanity understandable?  Yes!  Is it permissible to ask questions about all these problems?  Yes!  Is it legitimate to be against mandatory vaccinations?  Yes!  But …!"

The "but" is explained in the following sentence:

“But this major problem is linked to a medical issue.  That is the main reason why the Society does not speak directly on this issue.”

That is the crux of the matter.  The Corona problem that moves people, whether on one side or the other, is not a medical question, but a political one.  Governments have turned a medical issue into a political one.  The entire discussion, the multitude of problems, conflicts, fears, coercion are connected with this political interference.  That could not be said and seen through with certainty in the first few weeks of the ongoing Corona issue.  Some professionals like Prof. Bhakdi and Dr.  Wodarg did it back then and should be right with their assessment.  Since May 2020, however, it can be generally seen through if you want to see.  Since then, numbers have been on the table, and these facts have become more and more important.  This includes the ongoing cover-up and obfuscation by governments and their cronies, which is perhaps even more telling.

 It is appropriate to stay out of the medical question, it belongs to the doctors, at least as far as it does not touch on moral questions.  But it's not about the medical question, it's about the political one.  If politics, if governments, had not interfered, Corona would have passed humanity long ago without attracting any attention.  "If there had been no PCR tests worldwide, I don't think anyone would have noticed," said Prof. Franz Allerberger, head of AGES, the Austrian Robert Koch Institute, in a video interview on June 19, 2021.  Allerberger described the effect of protective masks outside of hospitals and homes as not a medical but a political question.  It's all about this.  As of January 2020, Corona is primarily a psychological war, a war started and waged by someone.  In the meantime, those responsible cannot be fully named, but they can be named to a large extent.

Pagliarani's reference that one does not comment on the matter because it is a question of medicine must therefore come to nothing.  It is about the political question for which a medical question is used as an occasion or pretext.  Nobody expects an opinion on a medical question from bishops, communities or even the Society of Saint Pius X, but they do expect orientation on moral questions, questions of natural law and social teaching.  According to Prof. Allerberger, the Corona crisis, which was triggered or staged without any need, is shaking the entire social fabric, from the state down to the family.  A schism was created according to plan, the artificial genesis of which took place before everyone's eyes and which now runs through almost every community.  There has not been a more devastating situation since the end of the war.  And nothing in this spiral of decomposition has anything to do with the medical question, but everything has to do with the political question.

Why P. Pagliarani cites aspects of "globalism and conspiracy" as the reason why "the Society is holding back" remains incomprehensible on the basis of his further comments on this chapter.  Wouldn't it be more appropriate to take a stand and put the current events into the "big picture" in order to make the connections clear?  So he says:

"The main expression of globalism, namely the destruction of the natural moral law and order that the Church has preserved and protected, is the creation of a new 'world' with new 'laws', with a new authority.  With or without Covid, with or without vaccination.  This globalism didn't just start a year ago.  It's much older."

Doesn't it seem reasonable to assume that Covid and the "vaccination" are not outside of "this globalism", but rather are a genuine expression of it?  Instruments to realize exactly the goals outlined by P. Pagliarani against the natural, the divine order?

In the important chapter on sin, the Superior General, despite the resolution not to comment on a medical question, suddenly dares to go far ahead when he says: "Even traditionists and Catholics who are faithful to tradition are dying of Covid!" Of course, "also traditionalists and  traditional Catholics" must die.  No one should have doubted that.  However, the postulate with the exclamation mark indicates that P. Pagliarani seems to be convinced that the officially counted "corona deaths" actually died of Covid-19".  At least that's daring.  The diagnosis "Covid-19" is, and that too is initially not a question of medicine, but of what government policy wants.  Think of the phrase “deceased from or with” that was unknown until the Corona crisis;  one thinks of the factually exclusive corona diagnosis based on the PCR test, which cannot distinguish corona from influenza, which is why the officially stated numbers say nothing about how many corona intensive care patients are due to Covid-19 or for a completely different reason are in the intensive care unit;  think of the highly dubious way of counting the “corona deaths”.  These are all not medical, but politically desired decisions.

The statements of the Superior General in his last chapter “False Principles” are embarrassing.  Roughly speaking, Father Pagliarani says that because there are also “wrong” people, he calls “leftists” and “extreme leftists”, the Society of St. Pius X can not join a position.  What is the purpose of distancing?  Why so polemical?  The question can only be: Does someone say and do the right thing?  I saw Society members at a rally with their flags walking alongside Che Guevara apologists and Catholics with depictions of the Sacred Heart.  That was what happened on the train and offered the observer an unusually interesting picture.  The named may not otherwise have much in common, but on this issue they are united and walk side by side.  Good this way.

Pagliarani's last "reason" why the Society "does not speak directly on this subject" then becomes a real own goal.  Let's hear for ourselves:

 "In one sentence: 'My body belongs to me!' I do what I want with my life.  That's why I decide for myself whether I want to be vaccinated or not.  We find the same slogans of the 1960s and 1970s - 'My belly belongs to me' - in a certain 'women's movement'.”

P. Pagliarani insinuates that the opponents of the Covid injection, which is ineffective against Corona but more deadly than the official figures for the Corona virus show, have the same spirit of the abortion advocates.  Isn't the opposite actually the case?  The pro-abortionists say “my belly is mine” when they really mean “your body is mine”, that of the unborn child they want to kill.  We are now experiencing the same mentality among vaccination fanatics and vaccination advocates.  They also say "Your body belongs to me" to the government, which wants to dispose of it.  A wrongly used slogan, as is done by the abortion lobby, is therefore wrong, neither per se nor in other situations.  In the specific case, the rejection of a fact-free, dangerous, only for BigPharma profitable corona vaccination obligation, the slogan "My body belongs to me" is correctly opposed to the mendacious postulate "Your body belongs to me".  This is what the Society of Saint Pius X might point out, along with the broader categorization that the body ultimately naturally belongs to God.  Personally, I can say that I was delighted when I was finally able to read the unspeakable abortion slogans at rallies against the Corona measures in a justifiable context.  Tactical cleverness can also be cited for the use of this slogan.

This last “reason” also makes Pagliaranis uncomfortable because he does not address the question of unethical Covid substances in his remarks.  The fact that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the “Note” published on December 21, 2020, waved through the production of all Covid substances previously approved in the EU using aborted children does not change the question of conscience for the individual.  Leaving this unmentioned, as already done by the bishops' conferences and the Ecclesia Dei communities in the German-speaking world, makes the previous polemic even more dubious because of the identical slogans (but not content).  Comprehensive information is required to make a responsible decision in favor of a Covid injection.  In this regard, there is an almost unbelievable gap.  In the vaccination streets is not enlightened, but work on the assembly line.  Even the superior general does not try to close this gap.  Perception remains selective.

In this context, should Pagliarani not blame the multitude of broken promises made by the governments, the many lies they have told, the false figures they have presented, the revealingly one-sided decisions they have made, the hideous discrediting and hostilities,  which they have triggered or approved of, the many hardships into which they have thrown countless people, whether through irresponsible fear-mongering or through threats to their existence?

Finally, it should be remembered that remaining silent about an apparent wrong has morally relevant implications.  P. Pagliarini does not even dare to refuse vaccination.  Even the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith did that when Pope Francis did the opposite in the Vatican and gambled away another piece of his already tarnished credibility.  Silencing an injustice includes the failure of the Church hierarchy, which is plainly evident to all.  Where others do not want to raise their voice or believe that they cannot raise their voice, the Society of Saint Pius X would at least have to make it clear that the Church, with all recognition of the state and its authority, is not a bailiff of the government.  But the Superior General is also silent on this point.  Why?  Who, if not he, is free from the shackles of concordat and episcopal pressure to speak out?

The overall impression?  P. Pagliarani moves in a more differentiated way, but still on the line of the bishops' conferences.  That surprises and leaves a little perplexed.

The medical question seems to be pretend so as not to have to comment on the political one.

The current leaders, who are in office today and in Silicon Valley tomorrow, are treated with kid gloves as if they were a higher authority than the Church.  That sounded different from the mouths of representatives of the Society of Saint Pius X in the past.  Pagliarani also hints at it when he refers to currents and enemies that go back much further in history, but then retreats and, where it becomes concrete today, avoids it.

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Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com



Anonymous said...

Father Davide Pagliarani's comments are very disappointing. His remark about the equivalency of the abortionist slogan "my body my choice" with those who refuse to be injected with the abortion tainted Vaxx is reprehensible. Doesn't Father realize that abortion kills a child another body and not the body of the mother. New Church appears to be the master of the SSPX.

JerAlph said...

The SSPX’s increasing closeness with the Novus Ordo Antichurch in the last decade is obviously draining the SSPX of its valor. It’s a sad, stupid, and emasculated shell of what it used to be. Indeed, Pagliarani and his ilk may well be infiltrators bent on destroying the SSPX via assimilation with the Novus Ordo Antichurch. How else to explain Pagliarani’s unbelievable sophistry, cowardice, and stupidity in this talk, along with all of the other of the SSPX’s Covid-related statements since all this began?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Bp.Williamson.
His Excellency recently stated the Chair of St.Peter may be vacant.(He is willing to work alongside Sedevacantists and have a semblance of unity)
Pray for him as he is trying to keep the true Catholic Faith alive.