Sunday, January 9, 2022

Anti-vaxxers accused of trying to burn down a Masonic Lodge


Story continues here.

This all seems eerily familiar.

Oy vey!  These things are so hard to draw!


Mike Slater said...

This piece of fabrication was brought to you by the follower of William Potter Gale, Jew hunter, alleged tax fraud, de facto founder of the ‘sovereign citizens’ movement, the sociopath “Patriots” party and patron-in-chief of the “Me, Me, Me” narcissist wanker party

Tancred said...

Where’s the lie tho?

Stop trying to notice dancing Israelis, goys!

Unknown said...

Hey Slater, check this out, if you have nerve. From the mouth of een ex-rabbi.

Mick said...

Mr. Slater:
You’re talking through your arse. The story comes from the eloquent former husband of the now Muslim, Sinéad O'Connor of SNL fame.

Anonymous said...

You are referencing some nut who married a nut and sired a nut.
Do better.

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle sees a post about false flag operations by the usual suspects and then *draws card*… attacks the mental wellness of the author of the story!


Mike Slater said...

William Potter Gale. Don't forget the name.

He's the now deceased wingnut who almost single handedly scripted the propaganda narrative for AltRight and its culture of death activities in recent years. These yobs define their identity by hated.

Tancred said...

Dancing on his grave, Gaybrielle?

Tancred said...

Sounds like a nice goy, tbh.