Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Why Not Just Get the Vaccine?



Mike Slater said...

"Why Not Just Get the Vaccine?"
That's not just a question anymore. Trump has bugled that he has had the booster on top of the double shot. The Proud Boys, now contrite for the Jan 6 invasion of the Congress, have followed the lead and it's up to the Oath Keepers to line up for the therapeutic jabs.
Go Patriots. Do the responsible thing by your fellow citizens.

Tancred said...

Zzzz, more premasticated dog food talking points from B’nai Birith HQ.

Anonymous said...

Great points! If the vaccine was voluntary (and safe) we'd all take it but when a bunch of demented, lying dogs
say - Take this or else - the prudent reaction is to decline. Google Dr Ute Bergner on how German states with highest vaccination rates have the highest excess mortality. Vive la resistance!