Monday, December 6, 2021

Street Theater Between Two Sides of the Same Shekel in French Elections

 PARIS (Sputnik) - French far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour was attacked by an unknown individual ahead of his first rally held at the Villepinte exhibition center, BFMTV reports.

[Sputnik] The incident occurred on Sunday, right before Zemmour went on stage, when a member of the audience jumped on him and grabbed him by the neck, BFMTV said releasing a video of the attack.
The individual is currently in police custody for "premeditated violence". A police source told BFMTV that the man has a law offense record. The reason for the attack remains unclear.

The best comment was from Rot Hchild:

Zemmour Jewish Zionists presented as messiah secretly to steal and split the votes from Le Penn. You know they are Jewish backed candidates when they appeal with Marvel comic sloganisms and exploit cultural icons like Joan of Arc, Brigitte Bardot, French actors etc.



commenter said...

No need for the anti-semitic slurs. He us unelectable for many reasons, as is Le Pen. They may or may not take a few votes from each other, but that won't be decisive.

Tancred said...

Hey, easy on the philosemitism,

Gladstone said...

Seymour Commenter-berg @ 11:16 pm seems to take the position that goys are not allowed to mention the word Jew. Betcha shekel that he was typing from Hasbara central in Tel Aviv.

Tancred said...

Since when is the modern, illegitimate political system a hallmark of rationality or even justice?

Gladstone said...

That question, Tancred, is precisely what the Global Synagogue is desperate to keep the goys from asking.

Anonymous said...

Rot Hchild is 100 percent correct about Zemmour. Only a Khazar would disagree.

Patrick Keenan said...

The question they are all asking, Gladys, is why on earth you haven't been arrested and charged with hate crimes?

JBQ said...

@Gladstone: very descriptive phraseology there in "Global Synagogue". Well done and said my friend.

JBQ said...

@Patrick Keenan: Even though you are from the "old sod", you exaggerate. Not all are asking.

Gaybrielle the Crypto-Jew said...


Stop hating Christ. The sentence for that is eternal.


Gladstone said...


Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

God forbid traditional Catholicism become a CESSPIT of antisemitism!

Let your opponents be ardent liberal secularists who loathe God and religion. These come in all stripes - the vast, vast majority are paganized Gentiles who reject Christ of their own free-will and volition.

Antisemitism begone from my Church!

Brownshirt "Catholics" should be ashamed of themselves.

Hating Jews won't help. It didn't help Hitler.

Matthew 5:20 For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Gaybrielle’s rectory creature said...

Thanks so much Chabad-bot, someone had to come in here and check these raaaaaycisssts!

Gladstone said...

Anonymous @ 12:36 AM

Another sanctimonious crypto-Jew checks in (then again, it's probably just Gaybrielle the Finkelstein again)

Antisemitism Nothing but Jewish psychological projection. The ultimate hater of Jesus Christ wants to shut Catholics up, so the Jew accuses the Catholic of the same hate upon which the Jew himself thrives. Good Catholics hate sin, which the Jew seems to relish.

Ever zealous to defend the Global Synagogue

But never one single pixel to defend Holy Mother Church

Never one single syllable of tough love for the Church's most ancient enemy on earth:
admonishing the Christ-hating Jew to cease his satanic subversion, murder and theft, be baptized, and escape hell forever.

He practices the suicidal self-worship of the synagogue, and it shows.

Our Lord never told us to pretend that we have no enemy, but to love the enemies we have, while seeking their conversion. Contend with our enemy we need always do, while praying for his salvation. Catholics: love your enemy the Jew and pray for him every day, but fight him you must. Expose his crimes. Decry his faithless and false conversions to the Church. Call out his pet projects: pornography, abortion, globo-homo, globo-usury, communism, drug-running, organ trafficking, weaponized immigration, subversion of Catholic kingdoms and now - death vaxx.

An Ave now, for the Jews in this thread, and for those others, the worst of the worst at the top-of-the-top of the Global Synagogue of Satan, that they might repent, escape hell, and the chain of evil be broken. +++

packin' sarcasm among other things said...

They must be getting a little nervous to put up such an unattractive candidate, in more ways than physical, and then pull a stunt like this. Could it be the young Catholics at the Latin Mass? Or the young Cathoics restoring wayside Crucifixes? Or Catholics barring thte entrance of demonic rock stars at the Cathedral at Nantes?

Wanda said...

They seem to be somewhat concerned. Is it the young French Catholics at the TLM? Is it the young French Catholics restoring wayside Crucifix shrines? Is it the Catholics blocking entrance to Nantes Cathedral of a demonic rock star? Is their solution to trot out this very unappealing candidate and stage this faux attack?

Anonymous said...

Marvel comic sloganisms were a creation of new york jew Stan Lee whose real name was Stanley Martin Lieber he was born on December 28, 1922, in New York City . His parents were Romanian Jewish immigrants.

Anonymous said...

I like brown shirts.
-God bless

Levi Freudenhoffer said...

I like brown shirts.
-God bless

Doesn't really surprise God Bless Andy, those nasty chaps were mostly self-loathing inverts and deviants of one sort or another.

Tancred said...

J-Words always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty. Every single time!