Friday, December 31, 2021

Jews Mad About Dolfuß Admiring Austrian Leader

 Edit: don’t apologize, it makes you look weak. Don’t be like Holy Steve! Of course the journalist doesn’t like Dolfuß, the saintly Austrian steward of the kingdom on the Danube. Karner has cravenly offered to “rework” the museum featuring Dolfuß to satisfy his Jewish masters.

Finally, was anything the Austrian craven said about Israel and the United States poisoning the environment substantially wrong?

Pfizer’s Jewish developer, whose family were Sephardic Jews from Thessaloniki, Greece, is helping his evil company make billions on the deadly klot shot, which is killing many and sickening many others. What a cohencidence!

BERLIN (AP) — A Nobel laureate in literature, Jewish students and other prominent figures in Austria want the country’s new interior minister removed from office because of allegedly antisemitic comments he made during a regional election campaign more than a decade ago. 

Gerhard Karner, who became interior minister a week ago when predecessor Karl Nehammer became Austria’s new chancellor, said Monday that he regrets what he said and wouldn’t say it now, but he rejected allegations of antisemitism. 

According to a report in German news weekly Der Spiegel, the conservative Karner once accused Austria’s center-left Social Democrats of working “against the country with gentlemen from America and Israel,” and described them as “climate poisoners.”



JBQ said...

John Wayne in a number of John Ford Cavalry movies including "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "Rio Grande" was quoted in the movie "Never apologize. It is a sign of weakness".

Anonymous said...

Oh, NO!!
A Jew who is offended.
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Now repeat 6 million times.

Levi Freudenhoffer said...

Ooooh, we don't like the Hebrews, do we?!

Tancred said...

Ooooh, we don’t like white people, do we?

Tancred said...

Better be careful, or they’ll....... SHUT IT DOWN!