Thursday, December 9, 2021

Berlin Corona Investigative Committee, Dec. 3, 2021

We are approaching a tipping point.

Ireland: Captured Nation



Anonymous said...

Can Gerry Adams provide any leadership in this predicament and btw has Bono chimed in on behalf of the native Irish?

Anonymous said...

John Waters rocks!
And the German guy is pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

Don´t be deceived this man is a fraud. For example, instead of filing the CV case to

the European Judicial Court in Brussels, etc...he filed it in some obscure Court in

Ontario, Canada! This is an old tactic used against pro-lifers such as the Pitts.

Nightmare Case in the 80´s when many dozens of students from Steubenville were abused

at the mill. The fake lawyer said hey, i will do it for free, made lots of noise,

joint action suit so individuals were all corralled and years went by and more years

and nothing, no justice. He sat on the Lawsuit just like this Dr. Reiner Fuellmich!

He is a fraud!

Evidently the Dr. David Allen White who fills in for H.E. sings his praises.

more Dr. David Allen White, no the O.T. is a doormat to the N.T.

Anonymous said...

The woke Irish diaspora has like another group not been a good thing for christianity in the USA, novus ordo Irish like NJ Gov Murphy of Goldman Sachs and the Kennedy crime family of Boston have been collaborators with the anti-christian American ruling class.