Saturday, December 4, 2021

Another Empty Apology from Bergoglio

 Edit: he’s the pope of empty gestures and false charity.  Orthodox Christians should pay close attention to the way this pope disparages traditional liturgy and disciplines. Some Greeks are even portraying him as anti-Christ. So I’m not sure what benefit his empty promises will have, since it’s evident to all how he treats traditions dear to Christians, and Christ himself.

ATHENS, GREECE — Pope Francis asked forgiveness for the historical "mistakes committed by many Catholics" against Orthodox Christians during a Dec. 4 meeting with the head of the Greek Church, as he urged Catholics and Orthodox believers to pursue greater unity. 

"Shamefully, I acknowledge this for the Catholic Church, actions and decisions that had little or nothing to do with Jesus and the Gospel, but were instead marked by a thirst for advantage and power, gravely weakened our communion," the pope said during the first day of his three-day visit to Greece. 

Francis is the first pope to visit the Greek capital since Pope John Paul II in 2001. During that visit, mass protests filled Athens with signs labeling the pope as the "anti-Christ."



Anonymous said...

"Francis is the first pope to visit the Greek capital since Pope John Paul II in 2001. During that visit, mass protests filled Athens with signs labeling the pope as the "anti-Christ."

The segment from this article is true. Many Catholics too, believe that Bergoglio is the "anti-Christ".
Just look at the state of the Catholic Church since Pope Francis was elected. Mass attendance has plunged everywhere, even i formerly strongly Catholic countries such as Poland. Priestly vocations, which stabilized and then slowly went up under JPII, and then even more under Benedict XVI have crashed again, cancelling out many of the gains. Despite Bergoglio's persecution of the Traditional Mass, it is still growing....but the attendance at the established Novus Ordo is declining faster. More monasteries, convents, and seminaries are closing under Bergoglio than under Benedict XVI.
Mass attendance in my archdiocese of Philadelphia was over 20% (still very poor), under Benedict XVI, but is 14% today since Bergoglio.

Saint Francis of Assisi, within a day of his death, supposedly told one of his attendant friars that in the distant future there would be a cleric elected to the highest office of the Church, in a non-canonical election. He and his associates would despise the Church disiplines and traditions and lead the Church into error. Francis also warned that his own Order would fall victim to this error, and suffer massive declines. But that the reign of this imposter would be relatively brief, after which a true pope would be elected.

Everyone knows of the St. Gallen Mafia which campaigned inside the conclave of 2013 for Bergoglio against canonical rules. Bergoglio even supposedly campaigned for himself. Also a violation of the rules. He has lead the Church into error from day one of his papacy. He has renounced the title of "Vicar of Christ", which only an anti-pope, anti-Christ would do.

On his trip to Cyprus and Greece, he has barely spoken about Jesus or the Virgin Mary....instead, he has spent 99% of his time there talking up for Muslim migrants and championing their cause. He is brininging two dozen back to Italy with him, but has cancelled the traditional observance of praying before the column/statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rome, for the feast of the Immaculate Conception Dec. 8th as was done since 1953 by the great Pope Pius XII. (Despite being fairly frail and elderly in 1953, Pius XII actually WALKED IN PROCESSION, from the Vatican to the spot where the statue of the Virgin is in downtown Rome.....almost 2 miles.

But Francis would rather talk about and bring home Muslims.

No wonder he is hated there so much in Italy!!! LOL :)

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tom Kirton said...

Never let truth and credibly supported reporting get in the way of a raft of wild assertions, vague generalizations, ambit claims and personal rage.

JBQ said...

Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Unknown said...

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