Saturday, November 20, 2021

Western Civilization’s Past, Present & Future – With Dr. E Michael Jones

Author Dr. E Michael Jones Irida TV to discuss Western civilization’s history, its unique qualities, and how to forge a successful path forward for it through today’s crises and challenges.

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Moe Tanner said...

informative video. Wish he would do more on Francis. His report from Argentina was great.

Hugo DeValera said...

Voodoo. The chap is unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Will agree that he has the face for Radio, but his ideas are rock solid.

JBQ said...

I came across E Michael Jones on this site. I would classify him as "a flashlight in the supposed lack of darkness at high noon".

Anonymous said...

After his disastrous take on
'Traditiones Custodes' I can't take him seriously.
Still he is a wealth of knowledge on other subjects outside the Catholic Church.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

We're past the crisis point which were 1970's-1990's. We're in the last few weeks metaphorically speaking.
Our people are weak self,loathing,and spiritually psychologically conquered.
Our elders failed us,we were screwed and had no chance looking back.