Monday, November 8, 2021

US Navy Launches New Class of Sex Predator Ships

Edit: it might be funny, but it’s gallows humor. The US Navy has launched a new Sex Predator Class of Oilers will be tasked with aiding the fight to keep sex trafficking of minors open on the high seas! 

Early in US history, the US Navy fought to stop sex trafficking of European females and children to the Barbary States in two successful wars, but things have changed obviously.

While Russia is naming its warships after Saints and Archangels, the United States is now naming its ships after Jewish sex predators. Wow!

I’m pretty sure Milk was kicked out of the navy for abusing his officer status for sexual favors. It’s the kind of person he was. He eventually got what he deserved. Too bad he wasn’t hanged by the community of San Francisco instead of being murdered by a fellow libtard who ate too many twinkies.

[Western Journal] A Navy ship named after a gay politician slain in 1978 was christened in San Diego on Saturday. 

The USNS Harvey Milk, a replenishment oiler, is named after slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk and is part of a group of ships named for civil rights leaders, according to KSWB-TV.

Transgender activist Paula Neira led the formal christening ceremony.



Jonah said...

Perhaps "christening" isn't the proper term.

Anonymous said...

Harvey had a penchant for helping runaways and drug addicts, all of whom were teenage boys.

James said...

Harvey had a penchant for sodomizing teenage boy runaways and drug addicts.
There. Fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Guess all of the queer sailors will be mincing at the chance to sail on this tugboat.

JBQ said...

As a Navy veteran, this is not good. I also remark on the USS Bonhomme Richard which will now be scrapped. It was set for a 250 million dollar refitting. --- The ship itself is a Marine assault carrier. It was set on fire (7.12.20) and destroyed by a young male who was described as homosexual. It appears that he is part of a group out to destroy a condescending culture from the inside.---