Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Great Conversation: EMJ, Kevin Macdonald, David Schmitt on Race and Religion

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JBQ said...

EMJ strikes again. He related an episode in regard to the ethnic takeover of Harvard. Kaplan had a SAT prep class in Brooklyn. After the test, he would have a party for the participants. Each one would have to give one question from the test. After a certain period of time, he had the entire test. He then used it allegedly to get certain ethnic groups into Harvard and the takeover resulted. Quite an observation and quite a story on "networking".---EMJ said that this ethnic group was not super intelligent but knew how to network. He said that they make good commissars. EMJ is really on to something and it is not good.---It would appear that the same tactic was used in regard to Vatican II. The observation was made that this particular ethnic group has compromised the Catholic Church. In particular, it was mentioned about the Catholic Standard for Decency involving Hollywood. EMJ said elsewhere that this led to the homosexual infiltration of the Church.