Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jewish Nazis


Tancred said...

They do what they accuse.

Anonymous said...

So true. Nazism is German Zionism.

Unknown said...

Nazism + Communism = Zionism

As we know, there is great difference between nazism and nationalism.
Nationalism is love for one's people. (Patriotism)

Nazism = National Socialism, and Communism = International Socialism.

They both originated in a secret basement room in Germany, split up with each other, and went out into the world to divide and confront the world. Their basic secret flag is a red flag with a swastika. And the flag of the communists, is a red flag with crossed sickle and a hammer.

National Socialism (Nazism) and International Socialism (Communism) is the effort (of the worshipers of Kabbalah) in the social sphere to divide nations, both internally and against each other, and then to make them clash and make war against each other, so that they (the worshipers of Kabbalah) constantly everywhere could introduce their own "order".

The explanation of "the worshippers of Kabbalah" can be found in the Gospel According to St. Matthew 27,25:
"Et respondens universus populus, dixit: Sanguis ejus super nos, et super filios nostros."

Adam Walsh said...

I wish he would publish Ratzinger’s books on the
Jewish Problem in English. I don’t think Ignatius

Tancred said...

Imagine being so self-destructive that you viewed any pride and celebration of your own ancestors’ National glories with contempt for fear of being called a Nazi by certain Grima Wormtongues!

JBQ said...

I became aware of E Michael Jones PhD on this site. Once you see through his bluster, you will note that he is absolutely brilliant with a perspective that no one can come close to replicating.