Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Veteran’s Day — Remmembering the So-Called “Bitburg Controversy"

Edit: all of the usual hucksters, like the fraud Elie Wiesel, showed up to complain about Reagan visiting this cemetery to honor the dead who fought valiantly, defending their country against International Bolshevism.

[Politico] After attending a G-7 summit meeting in Bonn, in what was then West Germany, President Ronald Reagan on this day in 1985 made an eight-minute visit to the German war cemetery in Bitburg. Helmut Kohl, the West German chancellor, had suggested the side trip to the cemetery, where some 2,000 German soldiers lie buried, to mark the 40th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. 

Some U.S. Jewish leaders urged Reagan to forgo the visit, especially after it became known that the cemetery also housed the graves of 49 Nazi storm troopers, members of the Waffen-SS. The Nuremberg judicial tribunal, set up to try Nazi war criminals, found the military wing of the SS, all of whom were volunteers until 1943, to be active participants in the Holocaust. 

 In February 1985, the president’s deputy chief of staff, Michael Deaver, toured the Bitburg site, near the Germany [sic] border with Luxembourg. The 32 rows of graves were covered with snow at the time; Deaver failed to notice the headstones belonging to Waffen-SS casualties.



Anonymous said...

Having quit my job in the management of a major NYC modeling agency due to them promoting/fostering both LGBTQ employees and "people of color" over others who actually deserve promotion, I've spent several months living as a oblate member of a Carthusian monastery in France. Not that I want to join (even though I'm only 33), but just for some peace, and to get away from all the BS in the USA fostered by radical liberals, Democrats, and disciples of George Soros.
The monastery, located in a beautiful valley, is one of the more ancient Carthusian foundations, and has been experiencing a bit of a "renaissance" with regards to vocations. They were down to 9 monks in 2005, when JPII died (apparently his 25 yr. reign did nothing to restore the Church), they now have 27 monks ( there are cells for 60). The most they had in recent decades was 54, and that was in the mid-1950's. The only house bigger than theis is La Grande Chartreuse, their original monastery founded by St. Bruno.
There is a big backlash against Vatican II, the French bishops, and especially Pope Francis in France. No one really goes to Mass in France, unless its to the Tridentine Latin Mass.
NOw back in the USA, I am applying to public and/or private schools to teach again.
But I wanted to appologize on this site for my views months ago. I was always defending and sticking up for Jews, when an article or a contributor posted an anti-Jewish posting.
But they were mostly correct. One of the biggest forces in the USA for the destruction of the USA and its values by supporting BLM, CRT, protesting, defunding the police, Green-New Deal and the "Built-back-better" agenda of Biden and his filth is none other than George Soros and his cohorts. I looked him up. He is Jewish, as are most of his most radical cheerleaders.
So sorry for being so appologetic towards Jews. Not only are many anti-CAtholic, but mamny it seems are anti-USA as well.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

They are a parasitical group.
Look at their history.
They live in a particular country, manipulate themselves into positions of money and power, and then suck the life out of it.
Then they move on to another country.
I have a particular interest in seeing how they will insinuate themselves into China (where the big money is), after they destroy the U.S.A. . They are blatantly accomplishing this before our eyes.

Be careful, Damien, to guard your opinions about the Tribe. Especially in your chosen field of Education.

Tancred said...

They were at the ground floor of the creation of Communist China.

Free redpills for everyone, Damian!

Peter said...

History is unpredictable.