Monday, November 8, 2021

Fake NewPenance Ceremony by French Bishops to Do Penance for Sex Abuse

 Edit: we’ve been calling for some penitence from the Bishops for years, but these kinds of attenuated penance services are more for cameras and the agendas of anti-Catholic organizations and professional victims than to beg for mercy from an angry God.

Another reason they don’t have a ring of truth is that, like a reformed Roman Liturgy, they don’t convey clarity. What exactly are they sorry for, and if they’re sorry, does kneeling for a few minutes in a staged “penance” event pass the test?

Saint Thomas Becket walked twenty miles in bare feet on his way to London from port. 

I want to see blood.

And if there’s penance to be done, why allow the agenda be controlled by an anti-Catholic group that aims ultimately to destroy Catholic belief?

[CathNews] Senior members of France’s Catholic hierarchy knelt in a show of penance at the shrine of Lourdes on Saturday, a day after bishops accepted the Church’s responsibility for decades of child abuse. Source: SBS News.

But some of the survivors of the abuse – and lay members supporting them – said they were still waiting for details of compensation and of a comprehensive reform of the Church.

In Lourdes, some 120 archbishops, bishops and laymen gathered at the unveiling of a photo showing a sculpture representing the head of a weeping child.


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Anonymous said...

Crawling around on their knees is what got them in trouble from the start.