Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What will you choose?

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Gladstone said...

Wow. 2:00 in and this little bit of phony history of pre-Bolshevik Russia (btw the Murderous Bolshevik revolution/regime was Jewish) feels like gaslighting. Read Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together for the actual history without the Jewish fables. 19th century Russian nobles were absentee landlords living at Czar's court. They jobbed out leasing and rent collecting to local Jews, who brutally stripped Russian peasants of the little that they had with which to begin. For example, Jews had a monopoly on Vodka distilling, for which they jacked up the price, and sold to peasants on credit. At 40% compound interest, a concept poorly understood by Russian serfs, Jews in Russia deprived Russian peasants of the merest means of getting along. And guess who used a bomb to assassinate beloved Czar Alexander II in 1881? -Revolutionary Jews. Bloody Sunday 1905: who fired at the Cossacks from the area of the protesting peasant crowd, touching off a massacre? -Yep. tribesmen again. Who assassinated Christian and Russian patriot Pyotr Stolypin in 1911? -A Jew with a pistol, because Stolypin envisioned a future of Russian peasants owning their own land.

People have to decide what they are going to believe: Jewish myth-makers or authentic historians like Solzhenitsyn. Decide well. Your children's future hangs in the balance.