Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pushing back against the vax mandates

A very special thank you to the Patrick Coffin Show for this. 

Too many points to mention, but have you ever known a vaccine that you can get at CVS or Piggly-Wiggly, but your doctor won't give it to you?
Or. why is a Colorado hospital not allowing an unvaxxed kidney donor to give a life saving organ to an unvaxxed recipient?


  1. I had not heard that Sweden imposed a ban on flights from Israel because their highly vaccinated population is contracting and spreading Covid. How ironic that Jews would become pawns in a plot to Make Genocide Great Again.

    There is a ray of light here because Israel is the only place in the world where Bibi Netanyahu doesn't have Jewish Privilege.
    Let's have a War Crimes Tribunal.

  2. Abe:

    It's true!

  3. Maybe he contracted it from Pitty-pat Coffin at CIC. Neither of these dipshits will wear a mask.
    He is as bad a numbnuts Marshall. SOOOO proud that they infected their whole family.
    "Ha-ha-ha wife and kids". "Too bad you all feel like shit".

  4. Only goys can be defendants in war crimes tribunals. And big Jews like Bibi will blithely sacrifice little rank-and-file Jews, whenever doing so is necessary to cover their own supremacist backsides.


  6. Oh lay ministers. Pastor Matt, what should your congregation do? All go for the false-positive? When editors become the story, beware.