Friday, October 15, 2021

Obedience training for Vaxxtards?

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  1. Drove hundreds of miles to attend Mass a couple weeks ago, Deo gratias. (TLM, SSPX - diocese TLM melted like an Ice Cream Sundae at the first noon-day 'now, now' from Bergoglio. Kyrie eleison). Afterwards drove to the 'beach' - I live inland so, while I was sea-side... Anyway. No one around, save a couple cars few hundred feet away. But one bloke, strolling down in a lively sea breeze ... muzzled. The muzzle is Manichean. It is old nicks middle finger to His Creator and His creation. I don't know what to make of Fr Anonymous who, after a decade strong diocesan TLM, went mouldy overnight and clung to the hippy hierarchy on the turd of VII.