Saturday, October 9, 2021


 Edit: gives you an idea of what kind of demons are in charge of the Vatican. It shows an almost elderly muscular man (a Cardinal?) holding a youth with long hair. 

Google translate from Italian link to “Art Vibes”:

Between pain and meditation a new tale of JAGO's contemporaneity: the new sculptural installation is dedicated to the theme of the “Pietà”.

 by Art Vibes editorial staff

Picture: JAGO - Pietà, installation at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto, Rome.

Sixteen months of work in Naples, in the studio of Sant'Aspreno ai Crociferi, for a work that is not the simple re-proposition of the famous biblical episode, but a modern reworking of a moment of meditation and pain, in which the humanity has identified itself for centuries.

The last work of the sculptor JAGO is therefore dedicated to the theme of the "Pietà" and will be inaugurated on Friday 1 October 2021 at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto in Rome.

The installation, curated by Tommaso Zijno and organized together with the partners Studio Arte 15, FERCAM Fine Art and P.L.  Ferrari, is part of the project "A door to infinity" - man and the Absolute in art, within the cycle of Art and Liturgy, promoted by the Rector Monsignor Walter Insero [Chaplain of Francis], which sees in the Church of the Artists a space of dialogue between contemporary art and spirituality. 


JAGO is an Italian artist who works in the field of sculpture and video production.  He was born in Frosinone in 1987, where he attended art high school and then the Academy of Fine Arts (left in 2010).  He is an independent and multifaceted artist who has managed to combine artistic talent and communication skills, earning the appellation of "social artist".

His artistic research has its roots in the techniques inherited from the masters of the Renaissance: he uses a traditional material, marble, to tell the stories of our contemporaneity.  What drives it is the will to innovate, taking an example from the lessons of the past.




Unknown said...

The question mark should be omitted off course.

If anyone thinks those devils minions are representing the Church, they are wrong. Deadly wrong.
The enemy of all what is sacred and holy took over the buildings of the Church Militant. And those wolves are, off course, wearing sheperds clothes.
So, wake up true shepperds, and recognise the wolves.
And kill them all!
It's better to get even killed in the battle for good, than be participant of evil for eternity!

Wake up!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a reboot of that old fag Cardinal in Italy who had the sanctuary painting where he was woven into the scene.
Just laughable.
As is this sculpture.

JBQ said...

"That old f-g Cardinal" is Paglia who is now being replaced by a new generation. The previous director for Pope John Paul II was Caraffa who was one of the "dubia". I would laugh too but pardon my sadness.

Bernonensis said...

Technically well executed, but then again, so is a lot of pornography. It's the subject that keeps this from being art. The Pieta depicts a moment in Christ's passion; this thing shows a misadventure in the bathhouse. I hope it's on display where someone can take a hammer to it.

Anonymous said...

"new generation" does not mean "a good replacement".

Anonymous said...

A deliberate mocking of the real pieta. The figure holding the youth looks demonic.