Sunday, October 3, 2021

New Bishop of Chur Switzerland is Terrible

 Joseph Bonnemain uses "pastor" instead of "pastoral assistant" and thus swings in line with the dioceses of Basel and St. Gallen.  The question of who is preaching is also secondary to him.

 Chur ( Last Saturday, the Bishop of Chur, Joseph Bonnemain, gave up previous positions in the diocese, which differentiated it from the liberal dioceses of St. Gallen and Basel, in a sermon as part of a broadcast celebration for pastoral assistants.  Last year he changed the term “pastoral assistant” in favor of “pastor” because “assistant” is discriminatory, terminating the previous consensus with Chur.  The term “lay theologian” is also bad because it contains the word “layman”.

The term pastoral assistant comes from the 1970s and was intended to express the fact that laypeople act as an alternative to the church hierarchy.

Now Bonnemain has also swung on the new course: in his address to the assembled pastoral assistants, he first speaks of theologians, pastors and colleagues.  Since he did not know (!) How to address them correctly, he wanted to use “sisters and brothers”.  Later he used the address “pastors” again.  He is concerned with a fraternal church of women and men, non-consecrated and consecrated.  “For me the question of who preaches in the celebration of the Eucharist is secondary,” says the Bishop.  Much more important is the quality of the sermon.

Trans: Tancred


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