Monday, October 11, 2021

Jews Fear Columbus and Men Like Him

The Tomb of Saint Cristoforo in Seville

Edit: don’t be ashamed of the achievements of your ancestors just because a few outsiders who want you dead and your children enslaved want to disparage him like the demons they are.

Christopher Columbus was an intrepid man of action who bore Christ over the Atlantic to savage people enshrouded in the savagery of murder and darkness. Despite many setbacks his faith didn’t waver and he returned to his mission four times.  We owe him a great deal. 

There was a cause for canonization set up at Vatican I and the same people who want you dead objected to it then. Don’t let these small hats destroy your heritage and religion!




  1. The same perfidious bunch who will not let the Canonization process for Pope Pius XII move forward.

  2. The discovery of the new world by Columbus was the turning point in the counter reformation. The discovery brought the church countless new souls in baptism to fill many thousands of churches and monasteries and was a massive counter attack against the looting operation by jews and aristocrats in Europe called the Protestant Reformation.

  3. "In fourteen-hundred-and-ninety-two," Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews."

  4. Without Columbus, the natives today would be diseased, poor and still nomadic.

  5. Columbus and the hordes of exploitative colonialists after him are guilty of genocide.

  6. If you look at the western side of Hispaniola, they still are.

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  8. Viva Christo Rey
    St.Christopher ora pro nobis


  9. Only people who have zero understanding of idolatry/paganism could have a beef with Christopher Columbus.