Thursday, October 14, 2021

Capuchin Friars Take Out 5G Towers

 The two wanted to protect the population from the harmful effects of the 5G network, which a spokesman for the monastery considers a worthy motive.

Lyon ( Two Capuchin friars are said to have tried to light up two 5G antennas a few weeks ago near Lyon, France.  The first antenna was damaged, which even caused temporary disruptions at Orange, and on the second offense, the monks were arrested by the police.  They belong to the Capuchin monastery in Villié-Morgon, which is close to the SSPX and which also houses their former district superior, Father Régis de Cacqueray.

 The two monks were brought before the judge for "vandalism and attempted arson" and are now under judicial supervision until their criminal proceedings.  They defended themselves in court by saying that they wanted to protect the population from the harmful effects of the 5G network.  The local mayor described the matter as sad, especially since there is a chapel adjacent to one of the antennas.  The superior of the monastery was also “astonished and saddened”.  Another spokesman for the monastery called the act a youthful error and emphasized the worthy motives: "These waves are very harmful to human health, and they wanted to do something good for humanity."

 Many suspect that 5G could be harmful to health, and some scientists have also raised serious concerns about increased cancer risk and genetic damage.  The competent French authority recently said that there was no evidence of health impairments.



Anonymous said...

The woke anti-Christian tech industry is in league with satan.

JBQ said...

Of course, they are in league with Satan. You still can't "act like a rubber duck" and do the "Muslim terrorist two step".

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

In my country, about a year ago ... was it pre-mockdown? things moving too fast, anyway, two 'indigenous' blocks filmed themselves torching the first 5g matchstick in their neighbourhood - went 'viral'. Ah, good times.