Sunday, October 3, 2021

Bigoted German Synod Participants Vote to Abolish Priesthood

 "Narrow self-assurance" of the participants in the 'Synodal Way'

 "Welt" is sharply critical of the recent meeting of the Synodal Way - the participants had seriously decided to put the existence of Catholic priests up for grabs.

 Bonn ( "The Catholic Church, God knows, needs reform. The participants in the “Synodal Way” reform process, however, have shown themselves to be unable to cope with this great task. Their nonsensical demands show that they are not concerned with realistic impulses, but with themselves."  With clear words, Lucas Wiegelmann, head of the Department Head of the Forum section of “Die Welt” sharply criticized them at the recent meeting of the controversial Synodal Way in Germany.  For Wiegelmann, the most recent meeting "overreached all prejudices in the most depressing way. The journalist criticized the “narrow-minded self-assurance” of the participants. With a narrow majority (95 to 94 with 9 abstentions) they had seriously decided to put the existence of Catholic priests up for grabs  For Wiegelmann such a vote is of "shameful ignorance and ingratitude" towards the approximately 12,000 priests in Germany. The author reminds us that the Catholic Church is theologically and legally only conceivable with priests, “whoever questions this puts the entire Catholic Church in question and many believers tend not to want that.”

 According to the media report, many synodals left unexcused on Saturday.  As a consensus, the synodal assembly was not quorate.  Wiegelmann said that this prevented the resolution of "some further nonsense".

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