Friday, October 29, 2021

Battle Royal at Gathering Space

Edit: the media wants to make this into “dangerous man”. I’m not sure that’s the shot. It’s not about masks. Maybe he was complaining about the hideous architecture, the altar girls or the heretical sermon?  Hey, I thought “all are welcome” at gathering spaces?

After briefly kneeling, the aggrieved man is here accused of trespassing by the parish priest at a “gathering space” in Lakewood, Washington charged the gathering space after he was asked to leave, triggering a horde of congregants to join the melee and call for police and security. 

A clip of the incident, which has clocked up more than 560,000 views at the time of writing, shows the parish pastor, a fruity Fr. Paul Brunet, orders the man at the front of the congregation to “leave this church right now,” accusing him of “trespassing,” and calling for security. The footage was apparently filmed on Sunday at St. Frances Cabrini Parish Church in Lakewood.

As he’s attacked, you can hear a goblina telling him he’s trespassing. Probably the head of the parish council.



Anonymous said...

Maybe they can all collect in their "gathering space" next week and sing a rousing 5 choruses of "God of Second Chances" by David Haas, while welcoming him back.
It's what Jorje would do.

Anonymous said...

Gather them in, for there yet is room,
’Tis a message from God above;
Oh, gather them in to the fold of grace,
And the arms of the Savior’s love.

Anonymous said...

Gives me a nostalgic longing for my old Nervous Disorder days. NOT!

Anonymous said...

That must have been the revised Sign of Peace since the people returned to church after Covid.

Anonymous said...

What haappened to social distancing at gathering places?

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to see the Bouncers wearing masks.
Even thugs should be P.C.

Gladstone said...

Would have been better if the men there had hauled out the faggot priest.

Anonymous said...

What? And mess up his hair?

Marc said...

I think I saw Mark Shea running for the door when things got rough.