Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Worldwide Petition to Stop Tradiotiones Custodes

 The "Stop Traditionis Custodes" initiative has published a letter to Catholics around the world - with a request to Pope Francis.

 A law that harms the common good of the Church is ineffective.  This is the result of efforts by well-known canon lawyer Prof. Georg May in connection with the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes of Pope Francis.  We are now mobilizing for the withdrawal of this motu proprio.  French Catholics have published a "Letter to Catholics All Over the World".  Under the motto “Stop Traditionis Custodes” they turn to Pope Francis with the request to “reverse his decision”.

 Traditionis Custodes is the most radical attack on the traditional Rite and the communities and believers associated with it for almost half a century.  Since Pope John Paul II granted the first exceptions in 1984, the moto proprios Ecclesia Dei and Summorum Pontificum seemed to lead the way to the recovery of the traditional Rite and the understanding of the Church connected with it in a promising future.  This development of Pope Francis came to an abrupt end with Traditionis Custodes.  France's traditional Catholics are not willing to simply accept this.

  Their full request is:

  “As sons do with their father, we bid Pope Francis to reverse his decision to cancel Traditionis Custodes and to restore full freedom to celebrate the Tridentine Mass, for the glory of God and for the good of the faithful.  Better bread than stones."

  The “Stop Traditionis Custodes” initiative was supported by a number of well-known Catholics, including the former French Minister Philippe de Villiers and Charles de Meyer, President of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient, Jean de Tauriers, President of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté (Whitsun pilgrimage Paris  –Chartres), Peter Kwasnewski, Philip Lawler, Claudio Pierantoni, Monika Rheinschmitt, Henri Sire, Inge M. Thürkauf, Roberto de Mattei, Wolfram Schrems, José Ureta, Christian Spaemann, Martin Mosebach, Robert Hickson, Peter Stephan, John-Henry Westen , Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, Timothy Flanders and many more.

 With its own website called, the “Letter to Catholics of the Whole World” is made public in various languages, including English.  At the same time there is the possibility of signing the request to Pope Francis and supporting the cause.

  The initiators write about the letter:

 “This open letter to Catholics around the world is written by dozens of personalities of personalities who were drawn to the traditional Mass (whether they are 'traditionalists' or not, and even whether they are practicing Catholics or not).  You can support this action, i.  H.  Leave your e-mail in the form above.”

 Click here for the support form.

  Text: Giuseppe Nardi

  Image: (screenshot)



JBQ said...

The Argentinian pontiff knows exactly what he is doing. When he calls out EWTN as "doing the work of the devil", one knows that he has no compunction in progressing his agenda. You can't "stop a freight train" going downhill. It will take a higher authority than the so called representative of the Redeemer and so far, he is letting "his chips continue to ride on black" and he is winning.

Tom Kirton said...

So it has all come down to this. What a hopeless waste of energy spent on causes that have not the slightest connection with Jesus Christ or the faith of his Church.
I do hope you find yourself back to Catholicism some day soon before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Knock off all of the, "have mercy on us Holy Father" bu**sh*t.
Pay that 8 foot tall Austrian to throw this a**hole into the Tiber.
No one will fish out his sorry a**.

Constantine said...

If Bergoglio is hitting on EWTN, which is a NeoCon mainstream station, it means he has already the sufficient backing to organize Media, Communications, and internet destroy it. And he may be getting poised to do so. I agree, we should these groveling appeals and written statements expressing "fiel loyalty" to the UnHoly Father. He's not a "Father" until he behaves like one

Tancred said...

I’m inclined to agree this time. Petitions never work. The only one I recall ever working was the Agatha Christie Indult which had nothing to do with the arguments and everything to do with Paul VI’s fascination with secular celebrities.

Peter said...

We have good popes and bad popes but they always pass on.