Wednesday, September 15, 2021

No Vaxx No Work

Edit: “they’re going to keep putting something in your body till something goes wrong.”


Biff said...

She may be wrong on this but that is their intention

Gladstone said...

Biff brings up an excellent counterpoint: will the the corporate vassals, assorted mid-tier shekel grabbers and rent collectors of the rip-off economy press the self-destruct button on the very engines that drive their lives of private jets, 10,000 sq. ft. homes and other privileges? Will they obey such a command from Wall Street Investment Banks, Central Banks, and their superiors, bankster overlords of the Bank of International Settlements?

I am rather inclined to expect that they will not implode their own corporate institutions by terminating 20-50% of their employees, many of whom will be so skilled, specialized and experienced that they cannot be replaced. Many companies cannot fill positions even as things stand now. Further, money is the god of these people: will they apostatize on command, without payoff?

It could be that these sinister corporate oligarchs are taking a huge gamble that their tough talk and brutal exemption process will result in the majority of their employees caving in and just getting the jabs. In so doing they are acting in a manner very uncharacteristic of corporate overlords: undertaking a massive risk, the downside of which cannot be offset. Such courses of action are also known as recklessness and in certain circumstances can get C-level execs fired on the spot.

Guys, I think that they are going to lose this bet. There are already signs that the corporations' battle lines are weakening as at this very time, companies are finding out that thousands of workers will not comply.

I disagree with Pam Popper: DO NOT QUIT! Make them fire you.

Also, I no longer believe that centralized movements/leadership is the way to go. Too easy to bribe, blackmail or threaten. NOT referring to Pam Popper specifically, about whom I have zero data, but resistance movements in general. Also, while a few wins can be had and used as delaying tactics, the courts will not save us. De-centralized, loosely coordinated, leaderless resistance is the way to go.

The beauty of all this is that individual resistance REALLY REALLY matters now! You really are not alone. Don't get jabbed, no matter what.

In the US anyway, their all-or-nothing jab war will turn out just like their full-spectrum dominance face diaper war: spotty results with a growing body of hardened, tenacious defiance. (No joke, Southern California moms in grocery store lines are talking loud and proud about recourse to firearms.)

I do agree with the Vlogger on one point: things ARE going to get worse. Once they lose this major battle over the Vaxx Exterminans, the psychopaths in charge are going to get both desperate -and dangerous. The global dragon will have beeen both wounded and threatened. With its camouflage exposed, the global beast-system will not submit nicely, but will much prefer to take as much of the world down in flames, along with itself, as it can.

BTW, Corporations are Jews.
It's a big Global Synagogue, and we ain't in it.