Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Greek Catholic Slovak Bishop Gets Serious Covid Symptoms After Meeting Bergoglio — Despite Vaxxtarding!

 Edit: maybe Bergoglio is a Typhoid (Or Covid) Francis?

Prešov Greek Catholic Archbishop Ján Babjak, 67, Slovakia, is in quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus on September 18.

He celebrated on September 14 the Divine Liturgy with Francis. Although “fully vaccinated,” Babjak showed on September 17 symptoms of a cold.

He was present at several meetings with Francis. On the flight back to Rome, Francis poked fun at Cardinal Burke's Covid infection.



Anonymous said...

Should never have gotten near Pope Pachamama.
He started this whole thing by kissing the feet of that disgusting idol.
The Chinese pagans were the idol's useful tools.

Marx Shay said...

Same thing happened to Chris Rock, Bill Maher, and this dopey congressman.


Administrátor said...

Greek archbishop, who came with francis was the source of Covid /source is slovak net/. According to a spokeperson of Slovak bishop conference there is no need to to be in quarantine for other bishops, because they are all vaxxed. Here in Slovakia is only half of population vaxxed, bishops are way ahead of common folks.

Paul Dale said...

The common folk are way ahead the bishops!

There fixed it for you