Sunday, September 26, 2021

Gay “Catholic” News Org Claims People Are Fleeing TLM

 Edit: I’ve always assumed that going to the Immemorial Mass of All Ages was right because of the kinds of sybarites who had objections to it. Even the eggheads who professed a personal preference for it, but claimed it was out of date, are worthy of scorn. 

Another thing which makes an impression  is the dishonesty and motivations of many of the “reformers” even going back to the 18th century. The errors of the Liturgical Jansenists are well-entrenched now as normative, even though when they they were introduced, they were abuses carrying the pain of mortal sin to the celebrant.

I don’t believe Virgil Michel or Pius Parsch, for example, are in heaven. The dialog Mass was an innovation to encourage a spirit of activism (leftist political activism and not charity or true peace) in the laity. 

Here’s a take by a self-appointed Jew who is still smarting for getting fired from Steubenville. 

Also, talking to a handful of ill-informed leftist people who affirm progressivist errors of feminism, race mongering and other precious concerns, isn’t the best sample.

Real Catholics love Franco!

[Car Floor Liner] Are millennials flocking to Latin Mass parishes? According to traditional-leaning Catholics, they are. Sick of felt banners and guitar Masses, young people are supposedly drawn to churches where the liturgy is beautiful, women wear chapel veils and everyone kneels reverently at the altar rail for Communion. And traditionalist parishes, we are assured, are thriving.

But even if some are drawn to traditionalist parishes and communities, others are leaving them. But those interviewed by NCR say it's not necessarily that they fell out of love with the liturgy. They withdrew due to the bigotry and toxicity in traditional parishes.

Sean Dailey of Springfield, Illinois, loved the beauty of the old Mass and began attending the old rite when the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter sent a priest to celebrate it in his parish in 2009. He even served as an acolyte at these Masses.



James said...

I love how the Reporter makes up stories, out of thin air, and people nod their heads and put on their concerned face.
The story is a bold-faced lie.

Tancred said...

Rebecca Braaten-Weiss makes up a lot of things. Her pretended Jewish heritage and her phony Ohio Valley lockjaw are two of those things. It’s like she’s trying to channel Thurston Howell III. Utterly laughable.