Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ecclesia Dei Bowing to Bergoglio? Rotate Says Preppie Taylor is Grifter!

 Edit: HO HO HO! 



Anonymous said...

Tay-Tay won't like that, at all.
The unfortunate thing for the SSPX is that he will soon be stalking their halls. He will be giving them lessons on what they are doing wrong.

They are doing just fine without him.

JBQ said...

This pontiff works on "divide and conquer". The SSPX is now marginalized and profiled as radical refugees from the "land of Oz". He is one clever mosquito to be sure. Nevertheless, there is a just judge who carries a fly swatter who will act in His day and time.

Constantine said...

@JBQ, I would like to add: Laws change everyday.For now, there is no enforcement against the SSPX.But their arguments for existence are difficult for the average secular street mind to understand. The Mainstream Media does not seek to explain anything that complex, and actually seeks to polarize more.The SSPX is not legally recognized as "Catholic". It's very easy to restrict the SSPX legally, without a Significant Catholic backlash. No Pope to back them up, and the magisterium happy to get rid of them, they are "sitting duck" targets for any government to crack down on them, and brand them as terrorists. Cutting through the chase, they are against the Enlightenment principles enshrined in all Constitutions today. They are, de facto, adversaries of the principles of Religious Diversity Pluralism and Rights&Voice. Pope Bergoglio the Apostate is happy to corral all Traditionalists into the SSPX. It's a matter of short time before the governments enforce this persecusion officially and openly..

Anonymous said...

The SSPX has lost nothing and gained immensely in this.
They are telling Frankie the Dimwit:

"Go ahead". "Insult another 50,000 TLM lovers". "They are all coming right over to us.....with all of their donations".

Anonymous said...

Agree the SSPX will expand enormously in the coming months. However realize that in church activities mean little to novus ordo bishops. The bishops' modernist atheist universities and hospitals and ngos harvest many tens of billions in medicare, medicaid. student loans, refugee resettlement payments etc revenue from the government. Revenue from attendance at mass and the reception of the sacraments is miniscule in terms of dollars to these bishops.

Fred Scuttle said...

I agree. Taylor’s a tedious grifter.