Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bergoglio Exhonerates Creepy Aberrosexual Bishop

Edit: we saw this on kreuznet and there were a number of commenters saying he was innocent, despite the fact that he was presented with a hefty dossier showing him in comprising positions. Now Bergoglio is going to bring this lowlife back.

“He promoted the vermin of the Diocese”

[new daily compass]  From a canonical and ecclesiastical point of view, one cannot speak of a true rehabilitation, but from the point of view of public opinion and general perception, the rehabilitation is as full as it is disconcerting. We are talking about the “gay” Slovakian bishop Robert Bezák, deposed in 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI and now effectively put back in the saddle by Pope Francis during the pastoral visit just completed in Slovakia. So much so that yesterday morning, as the apostolic nunciature informed the Slovak episcopate, he was among the bishops concelebrating at the Pope's final mass on Slovak soil.

Undoubtedly, the photo of the meeting at the nunciature on Monday between the Pope, Bezák and his family is destined to have a much greater impact in Slovakia than all the official meetings of recent days, which, moreover, have seen a much lower presence of the faithful than expected.

Monsignor Bezák's case is indeed controversial and the Pope's initiative reopens a wound that was struggling to heal after it deeply divided the Slovakian Church ten years ago.



JBQ said...

The headline is "creepy aberrosexual bishop". I thought that you were talking about Cupich.

Tancred said...

They are legion.

Peter said...

Aberrosexual is a word that should be used much more often.

Unknown said...

Creepy aberrosexual bishop, are you referring to the Bishop of Rome Jorge Mario Homogoglio?