Monday, September 13, 2021

Bannon Tried to Help Jewish Pederast Look Less Creepy

 Edit: remember what David Cole of Takimag said of Bannon?

Doesn’t he look a lot like Betelgeuse?

Just goes to show you can’t trust Pederasty endorsing ponces no matter how much they talk trad. Some people just pretend to be traditional for years and years, not for the lols, but for the shekels.

Pay up goyim!

Former Chief Strategist in the Trump White House,Steve Bannon, has been accused of serving as a media coach for disgraced financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the months before he was arrested.

Ahead of a planned interview with 60 Minutes that in the end would never occur, Epstein was sitting in the study of his New York City mansion with a camera aimed at him, practising for his broadcast appearance.



Anonymous said...

I hope that Bannon got his paycheck before the degenerate y*d off'd himself.
But I will bet the *ew stiffed him.

Anonymous said...

Bannon, along with most politicians, have played footsie with Jews from time immemorial.
Jews always end up owning them in 2 ways: money and/or sex.

Anonymous said...

Bannon works in the MSM and who owns the MSM? Q. E. D.

Anonymous said...

Bannon gave a lot of Populists, Trads, and Trump Supporters a lot of copium. However, there was a "tell" Bannon used in his writing and speeches. That "tell" was the use of the phrase "Judeo-Christian". This is a term used by Evangelicals that have gone all in on "Blessing" Israel.

Anonymous said...

After he left the WH and had dinner with the rich zio Mercer, he seemed and looked

a different person like he was switched.