Thursday, August 26, 2021

Wake the sheople!


Gladstone said...

Clergymen are heretics.
Scientism is religion.
School is prison.
Sports are fixed.
Starlets are trannies.
News is fake.
Events are staged.
Water is fluoro-toxic.
Sugar is food.
Air is aluminum.
Money is debt.
Markets are rigged.
Banks are thieves.
Corporations are criminals.
Elections are frauds.
Governments are goons.
Presidents are pedophiles.
Wars are for nothing.
Pandemics are genocides.
Truth is illegal.
Dissent is banned.
Vaccines are poisons.
Medicine is murder.
Jews are the 1%.
Satan is laughing.
God is waiting.

Anonymous said...

Majority of American Catholics have injected themselves with the VAXX the dismembered cadavers of aborted babies.