Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Rwandan Invader Met With Bergoglio

 It has now emerged that Pope Francis met with the Rwandan refugee responsible for killing a French priest and burning down a cathedral during a 2016 photo-op.

As we highlighted yesterday, Emmanuel Abayisenga confessed to killing 60-year-old Olivier Maire, who had apparently been welcoming the man into his church for months despite the fact that Abayisenga was also under investigation for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral last year.

Abayisenga arrived in the city of Nantes as an illegal immigrant in 2012.

Marine Le Pen was one of few prominent voices to point out the obvious, stating, “In France, it is, therefore, possible to be illegal, to set fire to the cathedral, never to be expelled, and to re-offend by murdering a priest.”




Anonymous said...

And Pope Bergoglio met and talked with him, regardless of his crimes. Maybe he didn't know of it.....but maybe he did. Considering his warped idea of "mercy" I wouldn't be surprised if he knew all about this person, and considered it all in the past.

Bergoglio's had a string of increasingly bad luck lately. He had his serious surgery, the diagosis of which is probably worse than we have been told, He received a surprise envelope containing three bullets from someone in France, and he's been receiving other hate mail due to Vatican scandals and his Mass edict, and one of his favorite protégées is in custody in Argentina standing trial for sex abuse of seminarians. There's a handful of Pope Francis protogees and appointments who are openly and actively gay....bishops, priests, and laymen. Disgusting.

Italy, and much of Europe is sick of him. In Hungary and France, whole parishes are telling Bergoglio to go "f" himself about the restrictions of the Tridentine Latin Mass. Good riddance! Here too in the USA ! We need a new Catholic traditional Pope!! It's not too far fetched to think that we'll get one!!

Damian M. Malliapalli

Unknown said...

Brothers in arms?
One is killing bodies, other is killing souls!

Anthony said...

Apparently Bergoglio believes the Latin Mass is bad, but illegal aliens who kill priests and burn down cathedrals are great.