Saturday, August 21, 2021

Police Chaplain Mortified He Gave Evil Beetlejuice Fishface Mayor Communion

Denver Newsroom, Aug 20, 2021 / 13:22 pm (CNA).

A Chicago police chaplain says he is “mortified” that he mistakenly gave Holy Communion to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic Christian in a same-sex marriage, during Thursday’s funeral Mass for fallen city police officer Ella French.

In an interview Friday with CNA, Fr. Dan Brandt said just moments prior to Communion he was asked by Cardinal Blase Cupich, the main celebrant, to take his place distributing the Eucharist and became flustered when he saw the mayor step forward as the first in his line.

“You know something, I am to blame for that and I am mortified,” Fr. Brandt said.

“I actually gave her Communion, but she was the very first one up there and I wasn’t supposed to give out Communion, and at the last second Cardinal Cupich said, ‘I’m going to sit out Communion, you take my spot.’



JBQ said...

Cupich saw her and let the chaplain "take the fall". Just what was the priest to do? If he refused her, all "L" would have broken loose.

JBQ said...

Cupich saw her and "passed the buck" to the priest. If the chaplain refused her, all "L" would have broken loose. I have been following the issue with Ella French closely. In the homily at the funeral, Cupich laid the blame to "systemic racism".---The problem with that is the two shooters are Latino. They have an African-American absent father and are members of the Latin Kings from their tattoos. Their Latino mother went to the hospital to see her wounded son. When refused entry, she attacked hospital security and said that her sons were afraid of the Chicago Police.---This was addendum to the recent shooting of the 13 year old Adam Toledo by Chicago Police. He is better known as "L'il Homicide". The gang put a hit out on the Chicago Police. Looks like this was it.----I guess that Cupich now will have to call the issue "systemic ethnicity". At last call, Latinos are not African-American and a racial entity. I guess that the liberal cardinal is stuck on "black and white". He might try buying a new and modern tv set.

Anonymous said...

An obvious Cupich set-up.
Cupich didn't want the heat, so he dumped the job on his underling.
He continues to show himself as the biggest a***ole in the American hierarchy.

Unknown said...

Old Soupy doesn't miss an opportunity to pass the buck does he...
And as for the Chaplain, 'oh pulease'. Throwing you boss under the bus only compounds your error as you feign your apologies.
Instead of eulogizing the dead, which is, I understand, not Catholic, maybe youz guyz could give instruction on the body and blood of our Blessed Lord, on 'reconciliation with the commuuuuunity', on the state one must be in to receive. Even a simple announcement would have freed you of your sin. Because YOU ALL KNEW DAMN WELL hardly anyone, Catholics included, in that audience has much of a clue about actual Catholic Practice.
But no. Everybody eats at my [N.O.] house!

Anonymous said...

With this crowd and most N.O crowd, the thought is: "Let's all go get a cookie".

Anonymous said...

Cupich is just like Francis, his idol. Cupich echoes Francis. He is his dummy.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Soup Itch needs to care about his own soul and soon before death comes like a thief in the night.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of the latest V2 novus ordo insult to the Blessed Sacrament.

Peter said...

This lesbo Marxist shouldn't even be in any church.