Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Musings from Dystopia

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Anonymous said...

What stinking little toadies. It seems not as likely that someone is so incensed by what he is saying they would go to all this trouble, but, we do have a lot of weirdos who defend the jab like it's their mother, but, it seems very likely that people would be paid to to this type of cowardly thing. After all, in America you can tell many of the rioters were being paid. They all have "the black Walmart gear", and you wouldn't get that many young people committed to anything unless you paid them.
We live in a world where people have gone off the rails and evil flourishes. What else to expect when the pope of the Catholic church goes off the rails and the church shrivels up and loses it's mooring in Christ. A priest said not long ago he thought half the world was possessed. He may have underestimated. God bless Mr. Cullen and all those who speak the truth.