Friday, August 6, 2021

French Are Trying to Get Covid Rather Than the Jab

 In France, after the totalitarian compulsory vaccination measures, a trend is spreading: More and more people are intentionally trying to get infected with Covid-19 in order to escape the vaccination when they have recovered.

 [jouwatch] They are deliberately seeking to be close to people who are believed to be infected with Covid-19.  They no longer wash their hands or wear masks to somehow contract Corona.  The French medium “Le Figaro” reports on this trend, which shows what acts of desperation citizens are willing to commit in order to escape the oversight of the French government.  As planned by the Merkel government in Germany, from Monday people in France will only be allowed to participate in public life if they can prove a vaccination or are considered to have recovered.  The argument of many of those “contagious”: They prefer the disease to vaccination and would rather that their immune system learn to “resist the disease naturally”.  Others would rather get Covid than have to be vaccinated every three months until the end of their lives.  Another explains that her husband was quarantined because of Covid-19.  “I've tried everything to get it.  Impossible. "" In the worst case, it will tie me to a bed for a few days, in the best case I have no symptoms at all," a 20-year-old is quoted as saying by the news channel Franceinfo.

Already programmed voices have reflexively condemned the trend.  Playing "the game of the virus" is a "total mistake", according to a French epidemiologist who warns of possible "late effects" but not of the consequences of forced vaccination with an untested vaccine.  (SB)



M. Prodigal said...

I would also agree that the 'virus' is less dangerous than the injection.

commenter said...

This may be true for a tiny minority, but not for the 700,000 people a day currently being vaccinated. Don't believe the mainstream media, as you are always telling us!

Anonymous said...

This is madness, mass insanity, a world which has been conquered already by the oppressors. How did the people we ELECT become our masters????

Anonymous said...

Because we have been willfully blinded by the "goodies" that a secular/demonic culture offers.
All is directed toward pleasure. Keep things chaotic. The demonic ***-run media sets the tone for everything. Degenerates that in times past would have been the guest of honor at an Auto-da fe', are mincing through our schools and libraries, adult males using restrooms with little girls, etc., etc., etc.

Those are just a few reasons "How".