Sunday, July 18, 2021

Woman Arrested for Bothering SSPX Resistance Ireland

 Edit: the head of Ireland’s Resistance sounds Catholic. The Irish Times isn’t being very impartial.

[Irish Times] Gardaí are to arrest a Cork activist next week on charges of “inciting hatred” against a Christianfundamentalist group operating in the county.

The group, which is part of a loose worldwide network called the Society of Saint Pius X Resistance (SSPX Resistance), was founded by an ex-Catholic bishop who recently gave a sermon in Cork linking Jewish people to the start of Covid-19 and calling them “master servants of the devil”.

SSPX Resistance has made a complaint to gardaí alleging incitement to hatred, harassment and trespass by Cork resident and campaigner Fiona O’Leary, who lives close to the church.

Ms O’Leary has written about the group on her blog and visited its compound to take pictures and question its leaders. She also photographed and published pictures of two of its priests after spotting them in the supermarket.

Incitement to hatred is a rarely prosecuted offence which makes it a crime to publish material “likely to stir up hatred” against a group or individual.

Last week, Ms O’Leary was informed by gardaí in west Cork that she is to be arrested by appointment next Tuesday for the purposes of interview in relation to the allegations. She was told she will be arrested in public if she does not attend the Garda station by arrangement.



Anonymous said...

NO matter what one may think about any group [SSPX, CMRI, FSSP, etc], there is nothing worse than clergy having to deal with a local balmpot! She obviously has way too much free time on her hands.

Anonymous said...

People with blogs are the worst.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a mad as a box of frogs. She hasnt a leg to stand on lock her up