Friday, July 9, 2021

Un-Vaxxed are Variant Factories.

Can't make this up.


  1. "Can't make this up." LifeSite has. That crowd of professional liars and ideological blackguards wouldn't know the truth if it bit them. That's why they are on the nose with everyone except those who need a daily shot of bullshit to see them through.

  2. This action by a Catholic Bishop is an attack on innocent Fr. Altman on myself on all true Catholics.
    It is an attsck on Christ, His Church and all that it teaches. The Bishop must know this as all he can accuse Fr Altman of is of being “ ineffective” knowing full well this priest outstrips nearly every priest I know in being effective AND effective in EVERY sense of the word. The people of La Crosse should run this Fake Bishop Callaghan out of town and NoW not later. Surround his residence and refuse to leave until he does. Keep your pastor Altman. Don’t let him leave you. This is your moment in history . Send a message to these Freemason inspired hatefilled homosexual bishops and Cardinals who have infiltrated our Church at a time when we have NO leader at the top to stop them.

  3. Just came over from Canon212. Nice blog!
    What does the title allude to?

  4. It means stick the flower up your nose, and you'll sneeze. The eponymous part refers to the pansy who owns the blog.