Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Left will never Lego this narrative

NB:    We still don't know the name of the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt.
If this was a real insurrection, he'd be getting a medal from Sleepy Joe in a White House ceremony.  If he had shot a member of BLM, he would've been charged that afternoon.


  1. Yawn.
    Bonker lost by 'a lot.'

  2. The website "Freedom Headlines" released information and pictures of Lt. Michael Byrd who is the alleged shooter. It has pictures of him inside the House chambers on the day in question along with members of the Capitol Police near the blocked chambers. Subsequently, they show his clothing and jewelry and then a picture of the gun being projected through the door. ---You can see very quickly that he is the one. He is African-American and is some type of commander of a unit of the Capitol Police.

  3. Ashli Babbitt was a radicalized QAnon fanatic who was participating in an insurrection and was involved in an attempt to disrupt the business of the Congress. It's no wonder she was shot. It's the American way of dealing with the burglars.
    But what about the Capitol policeman who was murdered by one of the invading thugs? There's a lot of moral relativism going on here.

  4. Gaybrielle:

    Turn off the TV

  5. Gaybrielle, has lost the plot due to AIDS.

  6. The courts rightly judged that Tucker makes up his own version of the news and calls it the truth. He just makes it up according to the prevailing pathology of the day.
    Go for it Tucker.

    1. He’s just a paid shill who attempts to fathom what a certain demographic wants to hear and says it. He does speak with some talent on this, but he’s a lot more palatable than an unpaid, low-IQ sodomite who wastes people’s time with his cold blue-pulled takes. They’re not even novelty takes like Bill Mauer, they’re just regurgitation from the MSM. And yet you’re enamored of your dim light. That’s comical, I suppose.

  7. Gaybriel, has really been on an assertion-filled evidence-free tear since the scamdemic, hasn't he? Must be a combo of his late-stage syphilis aggravated by graphene oxide, a lifelong immaturity, and plain hatred of the good.

  8. Obviously the months in rehab and diversion therapy failed. However, it is a comfort to see the lead writer accessing all the old habits of random gibberish-by-prolixity, disingenuous COVID-19 denialism with associated ideological drivel and the intellectual Black Hole narrative.
    Get more help.