Monday, July 12, 2021

Deeply Aberrosexual Voris Is Clearly a Plant and a Tool of Globohomo

Edit: he frequently lies about the Society and slanders them, but so what if they’re Xenophobic. Nothing wrong with that. He’s clearly a gay foot soldier for Jewish power and cultural Marxism. His operation has been a front the whole time and I’m deeply sorry for frequently defending him when I didn’t know any better.

The long-term effects of his sin have clearly revealed themselves in his histrionics with respect to the Society.  



We're really scared, Gary


Solder Flux said...

If you believe he's no longer gay, you probably also think his hair is real

Meinrad said...

His histrionics grow tedious as do his attacks on the SSPX.
I have never been to one of their chapels...there are none anywhere near me.
I would observe that they are Catholics, in exactly the same way as I am since I
was baptized in 1961. I also think the Archbishop that founded them is a giant
saint...God bless him and the society.

Voris reminds me of any yellow journalism outlet, IE: Not trustworthy.

I pray for the SSPX and for the restoration of the TLM and all the rites of the
Holy Catholic and Apostolic church founded by Jesus.

Thank God the Society exists!

Anonymous said...

May the SSPX remain true to the roots of their Founder; it is unfortunate that they no longer ordain sub conditione those coming over from the Novus Ordo. Remember, a couple of their Theologians released a study several years ago stating that the New Rite of Consecration is valid [].

I, for one, do not agree with their acceptance of the Novus Ordo rite; many a SSPX chapel has had issues when a priest who was Novus Ordo is assigned or comes in to assist for the weekend: some faithful have no problem with it, while others will attend another chapel instead.

Michael Lobo said...

The SSPX are just as schismatic as their effete lunatic eccentric little Frog founder, Lefebvre, who died outside the Church.

Anonymous said...

Tancred. What did you originally see in him?

John Cunningham said...

"Tancred. What did you originally see in him?" Himself of course and nothing has changed in the least.

Anonymous said...

@Michael Lobo:

You say SSPX are "Schismatic" and .... "outside the Church". Is that the Church where Papa Bergoglio gave them faculties for confessions and weddings?

If the Novus Ordo offices in Rome state that they are not in schism, the SSPX are part of the Church which you call home.

James said...

Anyone who injects the word "Sucky" in a supposed serious observation has no credibility.
The guy always has been and continues to be a looney.
Now he has added Milo the sidekick.
What could go wrong?

JC said...

"......where Papa Bergoglio gave them faculties for confessions and weddings?" Yes, as a concession in order to attract them back into the Catholic Church. Effectively, they don't give a damn, hold the Pope in contempt and have no intention of giving an inch.
De facto, they are outside the Catholic Church and schismatic. They will self destruct in a few years when the funds dry up and the lacey boys all shack up with one another.

Anonymous said...

If what you say is true, then why doesn't the Pope withdraw the faculties for Confessions and Weddings?
He is under no obligation to continue with it.

C.J. said...

Look at all the demons posting here. Writhing like the possessed when dowsed with holy water just at the mention of the SSPX. It is almost amusing. Well then...The power of Christ compels you? SSPX! SSPX! SSPX! You idiots.

Wm. Holman said...

Seems like Budgie Niles is trolling this blog

Anonymous said...


Jean said...

What is the probability that Voris isn't a pederast himself? We all acknowledge that he's a "top" based on the way he fawns over the effeminate Milo Y and Joe Sciambra. When he spoke to Anne Barnhardt years ago in Colorado, he dropped the term "wide-assed faggots" which her research revealed was an aberrosexual term for young meat ready to take it up the poop chute. After being outed, he starts up a youth group for adolescent boys called Pause, of all things. That was shut down quietly and mysteriously.
Anyone who lived that lifestyle as long as he admits, starts looking for a way to reproduce and you do that by corn holing young men

Tancred said...

@anonymous 7:41

Probably the same thing most people saw in him before he became flagrantly dishonest. He was in good terms with Vennari, Matt, Ferrara, Rao and a lot of other like-minded people who were willing to give the SSPX the benefit of the doubt, even if they themselves weren’t necessarily parishioners.

Does he even attend Mass with his boyfriend any more?

Tancred said...

We already know Milo is fine in principle with pederasty given the initial interview he gave with Peasants that brought him down.

Once you get bent that way, do you ever really come back?

Many sex criminals go through reform periods, but recidivism is high and they’re back at it as soon as they think no one’s looking. Take for example, the life of Rabbi Danny Kaye who was first caught by Chris Wallace a few years back. He’s been in and out of jail for years for violating the terms of his release. Permanent exile to Devil’s Island wouldn’t be a bad idea for these depraved monsters, but in our society these men often connive themselves back into positions of trust where they can continue as they have before in the name of a false charity (or some such scam) that believes credulously in their reform.

I believe Milo is one such unreformable person.

Anonymous said...

Everything you stated is correct, with the exception that it is Chris Hanson and not Chris Wallace.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Voris and his clan are wicked and insane, the proof of which is that when one of them are called a name Voris demands that the Holiest Act in Earth - The Celebration of the Holly Holocaust/Mass - be destroyed by Bergoglio.

The narcissim of his clan can, likely, be whiffed from the Space Shuttle

JBQ said...

"Wicked and insane" is quite a jump from "misguided and out of touch". I happen to like Michael Voris. It takes quite a bit of character restored to go forward from the "pig sty". --- Mary Magdalen had a similar background. Look where she ended up. She stood at the very foot of the cross with blood dripping down on her head.

Anonymous said...

When his outfit started shifting away from catechesis over to political "commentary" (both Church and secular) and "news" back around 2013, something below my conscious understanding just sensed there was something Wrong and we unplugged from their offerings. Since then time has obviously revealed many of the underlying layers of which we are all now aware. In the subsequent years, I have met many people (in real life) who were all fired up and excited about something-Exciting-Scandal-of-the-Moment-or-another presented by 'Church Militant' -- often accompanied by an almost neurotic fanaticism very similar to that of multi-level-marketing recruits -- but never once did the visible fruits of this media source's effects on them seem to be to related enhancing one's spiritual life in Christ or encouraging the pursuit of growth in virtue and holiness.

Tancred said...

Also, he’s become a Mark-Shea like agent for Talmudry. I guess someone from Talmudvision can’t really change his station.

Anonymous said...

He's out right lying about sacramental theology and knows better.
They conditionally ordain Priests using the Trent Rite of Holy Orders.
He's either controlled opposition,a narcissistic liar,or both.
God bless -Andrew

Anonymous said...

When you put one of his sort in charge of anything, you can bet it is 100% narcissism.

Henk Botha said...

OOOOhhhh, they don't like the Hebrews, do they?

Anonymous said...

Remember it is a SIN to hate the Jews.

I really beg you to move away from any antisemitism. Remember how the 3rd Reich, Hitler and the SS became wrapped up in a ritualized murderous antisemitism that included the callous murder of women and children. Well, it collapsed spectacularly. At the battle of Monte Cassino, the German Army faced no less than 8 (EIGHT) different nations fighting against them. That gives you an idea of the near universal international hatred and infamy that Nazism caused.

In the end, the English Tommy, Russian Ivan and Uncle Sam had enough of Hitler.

Let that remind you that the most infamous antisemite in history was also an incompetent failure.

So this is a history lesson on modern Jew hatred and antisemitism. An antisemitic loon turned one of the finest countries in the world into a ruin, tarred Germanic Kultur just about forever (which birthed Bach and Beethoven) and severely impugned conservative forces which were duped by Hitler.

So, the evil consequences of Jew hatred which is a SIN. Is there a particular demonic spirit behind Jew hatred? I'll leave that for you to judge.

Tancred said...

So by “Jew hatred” I take it you mean any speech or questioning of Jewish-inspired initiatives and things Jews disapprove of, usually through official semi-official organs like the ADL?

Frank said...


You may politely stick it where the sun don't shine.
Even an idiot like you has to admit the pervasive Jew presence in every aspect of Western culture.
With only 7 million Jews in the United States, they are WILDLY overrepresented in Federal Government, the MSM, entertainment, the Judiciary, Banking and Finance, higher Public Education and Medicine/Scientific Research.
So, knock off the "your a Nazi" bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonymous @ July 14, 2021 at 8:28 PM, if you think the SSPX conditionally ordains all of the Novus Ordo men who join their ranks, you are incorrect. Right out of the gate, the SSPX accept as valid the matter and form of the Novus Ordo rite. They only get "deep into the woods" over the intention of the Novus Ordo "Bishop", whom they accept as valid, also, btw.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say they conditionally ordain all of their former Novus Ordo Priests.
My point was referring to the ones they conditionally ordain.

M.Voris knows better and he's a vindictive liar.

Anonymous said...

In reading this Christian blog I wondered who is Jesus and does he know any of you.

Anonymous said...

From first hand experience,the SSPX faithful are much hardline than Econe.

God bless -Andrew

Matt Mathetes said...

"In reading this Christian blog I wondered who is Jesus and does he know any of you."
This bunch of ideological astronauts have no sense of irony, Anon 6:01 PM. Stupidity and crass arrogance are their constant companions.

Tancred said...

Speaking of crass stupidity and vanity, I think you should get some friends to help you, so you’re not constantly trying to jockey these comments back and forth to ratchet up your increasingly failing mental and moral faculties and sense of superiority.

Classic projection, Gayboyelle.

Matt Mathetes said...

Tucker is more rattled than ever but the worst is yet to come when he and his fellow nostalgia trippers come to realize that the days of the P V 1570 are over.

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle is incensed that people aren’t unquestioningly obeying the supreme Soviet. ��

How dare you not revere sodomy!

MM said...

"Trad Republicans and Bonker T disciples are the principal knee benders and forelock-tuggers to that form of worship.
You would know that well, Tucker.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Western World post 1945.
It's been nothing except a disaster which de-evolves every subsequent decade.
Both World Wars accomplished the untold numbers of dead Europeans and helped create the global order of non-Catholic Oligarchs.
Piss off and go back to Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

Nostra Aetate is blasphemous heresy.
The Catholic Church's buildings have been hijacked by Talmudic Noahide heretics.
I can't understand why the SSPX bows at the feet of Bergoglio?
The Novus Ordo is not Catholic.

Anonymous said...

M.Voris doesn't understand conditional ordination or is lying so he can falsely slander a group who has kept the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and valid Sacraments,including Holy Orders,alive during this 50 + year emergency.

Fr.Depauw Bp.Lefebvre Fr.Wathen Bp.Thuc and many other first generation Trad Catholics could run circles around M.Voris theologically speaking.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you've ever touched on this, but Voris seems to have the same sort of complication with the truth that Curtis Sliwa does. For example, Voris's claims regarding his time in media are suspect. Also, his claims of graduating Notre Dame seem a bit suspect.

Michael Lobo said...

Your miniature cosmos is imploding Andrea. The Trend Trad fad and its tinny schismatic heroes died outside the Church. You're headed in the same direction.
Get some preparation from the RCIA folk and plan on conversion to Catholicism before it's too late.