Wednesday, June 23, 2021

So many examples like this..

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Jake Allbright said...

Contrived check out press sensationalism of the 'man eats 25 super pizzas, drinks 5 gallons of soda then explodes' genre.
The horse expired some time ago, Tucker.

Click this link said...

You have to use Duck-Duck-Go. If you try Googling "mocks anti vaxxers then dies" you get nothing but stories of the vaccine hesitant dying of Covid.

Anonymous said...

Everybody who suports euthanasia wants you to get the VAXX.

JA said...

The anti-Vaxx herd is doing just what the Chinese Communist Party has been working for.
That was easy, wasn't it? Well done.

Anonymous said...

Say no to Duginist YouTube channels who appear to be Catholic or traditional.
Post a story on Alexander Dugin and his influence on younger supposed traditional social media figures.