Sunday, June 13, 2021

Red-pilled on the Covid "vaccine"


Mike Slater said...

Yes, it was a herd of pigs you saw zipping past your plane on that Dallas to Memphis flight yesterday.

Anonymous said...

During the EuroCup soccer match the Denmark Captain suddenly collapsed on the field. He looked dead before he hit the turf. His team immediately burst out crying on the field.
For 15 minutes they tried to revive him. MSM lies by saying that even though he was 8 minutes without oxygen, he survived and told the Danish team to continue to play... nonsense. Why did they cover him up with blankets while trying to revive him?

The game did resume 30 minutes later, is they the way they react to an injured player?

No one touched him, it was heart failure. Yes, he got the vaxx, his Milan sports

trainer verified he took the vaxx on May 31st and verified again by Milan team doctor.

Lastly, the CDC at that moment decide to hold a sudden, urgent meeting on Heart issues related to vaxx. May Christian Erikson, RIP.

Anonymous said...