Sunday, June 13, 2021

LA Archdiocese Lifts Mass Dispensation

 Churches in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will fully reopen next weekend, the archdiocese announced June 12. 

In a letter to LA Catholics, Archbishop José H. Gomez announced that he would be lifting the dispensation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation on June 19, 2021. The dispensation will still be granted to those who are ill or have underlying health concerns. 

“We continue to make significant progress in our fight against the pandemic in the three  counties of the Archdiocese,” the archbishop wrote. “We can look forward to better days in which we can actively live our faith as the Body of Christ in our parish communities.”



Michael Lobo said...

With their credibility shot to pieces, what a sight it is to behold bishops like Gomez issuing diktats, caveats and dispensations to a few tired people who no longer give a flying fig about what any of the hierarchs have to say.
Hope he feels better now.

Anonymous said...


The Bishop of this diocese has been in virtual hiding for the last 16 months and his lazy priests have been hiding with him. Apparently they have decided that a 16 month paid vacation is long enough.
Now he comes out about the "grave sin" it will be, if people do not return on Sunday.
It was met with a big yawn and the collections reflect it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of the smog bound realm of AB Gomez. The LA smog of Satan is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...

I hope no one shows up. It would be good riddance if after all the Covid effects are done and Churches are fully open again, that 1/3 of what used to attend actually shows up. Mass attendance in USA was down to about 20% nationwide before Covid. Hope it's down to about 15% now.
Do you think I would make an effort to go to Mass to here a 65+ yr.old priest mumble thru the words, ad libbing here and there, listening to him give a 20 min. homily about social justice crap, to hear 50 yr. old tiresome contemporary hymns everyone hates (on Eagles Wings, Here in this Place, Loving Cup, etc.) or to see 70+ old nuns and laymen/women strolling all pver the altar, showing no respect to the Blessed Sacrament as they clean the sacred vessels as if they were drying last nights dinner dishes, and to see maybe 30-40 other people slumped in their seats, bored to death, tortured thru 6 verses of "responsorial hymns" or "intercessory prayers/bidding prayers"? Nope. Sorry. I rather watch the "Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show " on FoxSports today.

(By the way, my little nephew will make his first Holy Communion next year....and the laywomen teachers are calling the sacred Hosts..."Jesus Cookies" for the children. They are not even taught what the Host is. JESUS COOKIES. i'M ONLY 33, but even back 25 years ago when I made my First Holy Communion, the mostly elderly Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary instructed us that it was the Body and Blood of Jesus. Now my nephew Devin thinks they are like Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies. What a "church" !!

Damian M. Malliapalli

James said...


They will co-opt David Haas's "God of Second Chances" as the welcome back theme song.
Although he may not let them. That is his ace in the hole to play before the juries in his umpteen sex abuse trials.

Peter said...

What the comments are saying is largely true.
However, the Traditional Latin Mass attracts a totally different congregation. Young families, old folks who remember Latin Masses and reverential Catholics. There is no chit chat in the pews, just reverence for being in God's house.
You owe it to yourself, if you are a Catholic, to attend one of these Masses.

Anonymous said...

When the Minn. Bishops defied the NWO, the next scene was riots.