Thursday, June 24, 2021

Exposing Obama's lies

Keep in mind, we know more about the early life of George Washington than we do about Barry Soetoro


Tom Kirton said...

Fake news from the offices of emphatically ousted Bonker Trump.
Room for improvement, Tucker.

Debra Collins said...

Cashill understands Obama better than Obama. That was a great show. Thanks for posting.

Jake Allbright said...

Cashill is a wandering ideolog in search of an issue. He's a loser.
Old fake news. Give it a break, Tucker.

Jack Sprat said...

I read Deconstructing Obama by Cashil and I thought he exposed everything about the Obama fraud. This interview proves there was much more.

Jake Allbright said...

Bonker Trump & Crew are the Big Lie.

Stop playing with yourself, Jack.